Miscellaneous items Price in Pakistan

Our Miscellaneous Items are packed in our main category of As Seen On TV which have also many other subcategories such as Gardening Accessories, Cleaners, Stylish Irons, Massagers, Racks and Wardrobes. All of these are here for you to make your life easy and facilitate you.

There are multiple Miscellaneous Items and accessories that a person can add in his life to make it easy and interesting such as Grab and Go Trash Tool and Invisible Ink Ball Point, etc. So MEGASHOP brings lots of such products like USB Cup Warmer that relate to your daily life and provides a bundle of eases and comfort in your life.

Except for all, there are many daily routine accessories like Handheld Sewing Machine that is useful in crafts and other stitching too. Folding Pocket Knife and Digital Luggage Scale, Mini Portable Neck Fan, etc are also such products that are best for travelers to facilitating them while traveling.

Moreover, we take care of your health too. That is why our Blood Glucose Monitor facilitates you in your daily routine and makes you healthy. And if you forget to take your regular medicine, then this Electronic Reminder Medicine Organizer is workable for you.

You can also enjoy the feature of Digital Tasbeeh and Digital Quran Pen that remind your counted pray. So all of these are here just for you from which you can get advantages and be comfortable. The end of all is your concern that being focused by MEGASHOP to make happy our beloved customers.

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