tractors-cervical-spine TRACTORS FOR CERVICAL SPINE tractors-cervical-spine MegaShop always think about your Health & brings the products which make your life more comfortable, as Product #: 202145 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews Regular price: Rs 1400 Rs1400 (Sale ends ) Available from: Megashop Condition: New In stock! Order now!


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Key Featuers
  • For People, who Have Cervical/Spine issues or office worker who seat at office at the whole day.
  • It can subside the symptoms. It is easy in operation and safe and efficient in the treatment
  • To treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine
  • Three layers of separated type which can be a perfect Cervical Spine Neck Tractor
  • Made up of air bag, lining bushing, the conduit


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MegaShop always think about your Health & brings the products which make your life more comfortable, as "Tractors For Cervical Spine" helps for all who seat at office for whole day.

How To Use

* Wear a portable cervical tractor in a right way, the two Velcro up and down are designed to suit different people of different neck circumferences

* Please tighten the deflation nut before you inflate ball up

* Use inflatable ball to pump up until patients feel much better and the inflation intensity is appropriate

* Fixed traction treatments should be at least 2-3 times every day and each time at least 30 minutes

* Loosen deflation nut after using it and then deflate slowly

* Tighten bolts well before inflation, and especially remember to compress the rubber gasket and place it on deflation hole and please don't put the cart upside.

* After inflation, move the control valve of the long tube upwards to slow down the deflation speed.

* Push back the control valve when deflating and loosen the inflation ball nut.

* If you will not use it for a long period, please don't fully deflate the gas inside, and place it in a shade for a better maintenance of the latex bag.

* Usually, cervical spondylos is patients accepted traction treatment usually should have a rest or move around after working half an hour. Besides, the pillow should be appropriate.


umair 2019-09-15 01:58:23
perfect to relief neck pain & recommended for those who mostly passed their time in front of laptop or having sitting work.

Bad Perfect


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