Drone camera Price in Pakistan

If we are talking about range of MEGASHOP’s TV Audio Cameras then it will be difficult to explain in this piece of work because of its vast range like Spy Cameras, CCTV Cameras, Wireless CCTV Cameras, and many more. Each category has high-quality and latest-featured cameras which will be work great according to your need and desire. Similarly our category of Drone Camera occupies fantastic different models of it which amaze you by facilitating you.

Drone Camera is not limited to fun activities or film making world in fact now it is the main ingredient of professional photography. It is getting so common now in wedding for wedding shoot, Record huge gatherings like religious gatherings, family occasions or any indoor and outdoor wide social crowd. Moreover this drone camera is so important in journalism to capture and record every activity of different types of events. It is all about due to drone camera’s advanced technology and features.

Flight Mode with Remote Control: There is a range of drone cameras which has different flight-times such as Elfie Drone Camera has 6 minutes flight and you can control it through remote. So now you can enjoy sceneries or selfies without holding smartphones through Ultrathin Foldable selfie Drone. Moreover this flight mode enables it to move right/left/upward and downward with 360 degree angle. Another drone, named Drone Tracker Camera which you can fly around 100-150 feet for 10 minutes.

WiFi Control: As drone cameras have different flight times, WiFi Drone Camera can also fly for 10 minutes with auto landing and auto take off feature. And you can control it from the distance of 200 meters through remote along WiFi technology.

Night Vision: K300 Drone Camera Has LED light itself which enables it to work properly in night or dark areas.So you can also enjoy and control its flight through WiFi Remote control.

Capture and Record: All of these are many drone cameras capture every moment of event due to its multi-dimensional flight mode. You can fly your drone up/right/left/right for taking every angle of the moment due to 360 degree angle.

So get your drone and enjoys many more other features of these drones such as HD results of your captured selfies, photos, and videos. Just click and place your order, megashop.com.pk deliver your parcel to you with free and fastest delivery along proper guidance till your satisfaction.

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