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While building new houses many people use the same old fashion products for their new homes! Such old fashion products fail to add new look to their new homes. So the point to ponder is that despite of building new houses why the house looks same as old one? Le Read More

While building new houses many people use the same old fashion products for their new homes! Such old fashion products fail to add new look to their new homes. So the point to ponder is that despite of building new houses why the house looks same as old one? Let me tell you the reason behind this is the use of same old fashion ceiling lights, same tube lights, and same house accessories as the old one!

Wall lights:

In order to decorate new houses, addition of new house accessories is a must have task to do.

 With the era is getting more modernized, different shapes of lights are also getting evolved. We at Laptab have many different versatile lights such as triangle lights on wall. It is not a 360 degree spreading light rather it will spread from one open side. The elegant shape will go well with any room and any furniture.

Many people nowadays follow the trend of using strip lights around their LEDs, around their ceilings, around their desks, stairs etc. Our flexible light strip can be used in bedrooms, living room and anywhere you want to add elegant look. You can fit it to all types of shapes as it is 15 ft long. You can cut it from every nine LEDs.

If you are in search of light for your office or shops or for other commercial purposes then you can have a look at our LED flood light.  Wherever you want to put a bright light you can install this one as it will not give dim light texture. It can be installed indoor interior etc.

Another great addition to your collection of wall lights is the use of sensor wall light. These are amazing in the sense that they are hexagonal uniquely shaped lights. If you want to turn on specific shapes in it simply touch it. They can act as a side sofa lights, and as your study table lights as well.

Wall lamps:

Many people want to add elegant yet attractive look to their bedrooms! For them one of the ideal options is the use of wall lamps. For instance: our classic wall lamp. This lamp will spread its beautiful soft light in 360 degrees.

Nowadays there are plenty of lights available such as our spiral wall lamps. It can produce 360 degree spiral shape light effect on the wall. The colors of light are changeable. It can be used as a wall light in home study, cafe, living room, dining Room, kitchen, etc.

Another trendy light nowadays is the acrylic wall lamp. This wall lamp can be used as an indoor light for beautiful and soft surrounding. It is an energy saving lamp with the modest look. The dim light it produces will not be detrimental rather soothing o eyes.

In the old days, people used to have tube lights. If you want that kind of tube light effect with the modern look then you can try our pointer wall lamp. This can act as soothing light in your halls, living rooms, bedrooms etc.

Hanging pendant lights:

While designing an interior of houses, one of the difficult tasks is the perfect use of lights.  

Nowadays there is trend going of using hanging ceiling lights. Our pendant light will be hung on the ceiling thus spare your wall space for other things to be placed. The combination of black color with glowing light will give beautiful appearance to anywhere it is hung.

Here is another amazing 3 head modern pendant light perfect for your living room, bedroom, dining rooms etc. The use of versatile kinds of such lights will add a new look even your house is many years old.

Renovation of old houses can be done with trends getting changed. If you want to redecorate your home then adding a new ring pendant light will be a great decision. This creative and modern design will be perfect for your bedsides, sofa side etc.

Do you want that anybody who enters in your home will get a lightening joy of modern ceiling lights then you need to get hanging globe lights that are available as dual ring lights. These are ring shaped so excellent to be hanged on stairs, in the dining rooms especially above the dining table.

If you want to give soft artistic look to your home then try using a more elegant style of lamps such as our fabric hanging lamp. The main unique feature of this lamp is that it can be opened in three different shapes such as wide open, canopy shape and vertical for giving different intensity of light. It can be used in restaurants, art studios, or anywhere you want to add artistic appearance.

Best outdoor lights:

If you want an elegant outdoor light then you may prefer a rainproof light. We have a motion sensor flood light that is curved shape for rain proofing. It has two sensors for day and night sensing. It will only work at night time on sensing motion of a passerby.

Here are others outdoor led flood lights that are black in appearance. These are very famous nowadays for various parts of outdoor walls. These lights can be spread above and down means in opposite direction. These are going to give amazing soft, elegant look to your home.

Room night light:

Are you the kind of person who likes stars and nature? Or are you looking for a soothing night star view lights? For such people we have amazing best night lamp for bedroom. It is basically a projector star light. If you want to give someone surprise who likes stars and night view of sky then this is an ideal choice for them.

If you want a surprisingly cute and elegant night lamp or a soothing night light then you may like our moon wall lamp. It gives a look of a real moon. You can use it as wall lamp for your corridors, on your stairs case as well.

Many people are sick of their cabinet darkness. Finding something form a dark cabinet is quite a hassle. So for you’re this problem we have a cabinet sensor light. You can install it in your kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, book shelves and closets as well.

This information is just the brief view of our lights category; apart from abovementioned products we have a broad range of amazing lights for you!

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