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Best women care accessories in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Nowadays women are working side by side with men. They not only need to take care of their homes as well as maintain themselves mentally as well as physically. Every woman should treat herself as a something precious and should take time to keep herself healthy Read More

Nowadays women are working side by side with men. They not only need to take care of their homes as well as maintain themselves mentally as well as physically. Every woman should treat herself as a something precious and should take time to keep herself healthy, beautiful and happy.

In order to ease your self-care, Laptab has many products you are going to love! Let’s have a quick review of them.

Face care:

Face care is first and foremost for many women. Instead of using local products for temporary results, try using good quality products for life-long benefits such as:  pore facial cleanser. This beauty machine will make your skin super smooth and fresh. It has deep influence and removes wrinkles. It can remove effectively black heads, white heads from your skin leaving a healthy fresh skin that you deserve.

If you use make up products regularly, then cleansing and exfoliating your skin is a must have task to do for keeping a healthy natural skin. For this task, you can use our face exfoliator brush. It uses latest technology to remove dirt from deep within pores and gives you flaunting clearer skin.

If you want a healthy natural and glowing skin, then add some weekly beauty maintenance products in your beauty rooms. Try our derma roller kits to make your beauty flawless. It can remove pores, acne marks, pigmentation and also stretch marks from your skin. This anti aging and anti wrinkle derma kit will make you look younger and attractive more than ever.

If you are conscious about your facial features, then try our nose shaper that will sharpen the bridge of your nose.


Hair remover:

Sometimes unwanted hairs on the body become headache. Instead of getting headache try removing them in an easy way. We at Laptab have many devices to deal with these annoying unwanted hairs.

For maintain perfect eyebrows, use our touch beauty tweezers. It is equipped with LED light so that you pluck hairs without any damage. Moreover, it will not leave scars after plucking.

If you are a busy person and have no time to visit salons or spa then buying our epilator machine is one of the safe options. It can remove hair from roots and hair follicles so it will take a few weeks to grow hairs back and leaving silky smooth skin afterwards.

Over and above, you can try our Slique threading tool to make face hair removal much easier. Its one benefit is that it is suitable for all skin types. If using tweezers and waxing seems time occupying for you then you can replace them and try this tool.

Another good option to remove unwanted annoying hairs is the use of hard wax beans that are super easy to melt. The beans will stick to the hairs and pull them out of the root. For melting these beans without any burns, you can try our waxing heater.

Hair Straightener:

Women with long hairs often have trouble while deciding which style to opt for! I suggest them to get rid of this puzzle and try using styling products that can make self styling a piece of cake!

For this purpose, try our hair straightening brush. It can be used for hairs of different types. Its long wire makes it convenient for use on long hairs.  This hot comb will straight your hair as you comb them.

If you are in need of different styling product then we have a 3 in 1 Kemei hair straightener. It has a curler equipped within to curl your hair quickly, 2nd part is a crimper for giving u an elegant yet stylish crimpy look and the 3rd part is a flat hair straightening iron. Is not it amazing to get three advantages by buying only one great product? Surely, it is!

Self care accessories:

Many people want to carry their favorite scents all the time with them. This will cause them to get tired due to fragrance bottle heavy weight. Laptab has a solution for you. You can try our mini refillable perfume bottle which is very portable. The small size of the bottles makes them easily carry in the pocket. These little bottles are extremely easy to fill and use.

Hands and feet care:

Women love to wear heels. But at the end of day, heels can make your feet tired.  Why not relieve your feet from this. You don’t need to replace your heels with flat shoes. Just put our foot pads in your heels. These insoles will act as a cushion for your feet. They will give foot pain relief quickly. 

Keep walking with confidence all day given to you by metatarsal pads.

Taking care of hands and feet is as essential as of face. Working all day put pressure on the feet, it is one of the reasons we should take good care of our feet. Try our exfoliating foot socks. These socks can moisturize your dry, dull and tired feet. It will give a foot hydration treatment at home saving you a cost of going to spa.

Do the cracks often appear on your heels?  Do these cracks irritate you and hinder your feet beauty? Then why not try something to get rid of them permanently. Try our electric heel scrubber to get soft shinny heels. Now for getting rid of dead feet skin no need to buy costly creams just use callus remover form Laptab.

If you are fond of nail styling then we have nail art kit for you. Using this kit you can style your nails as much as you want. Its glamorous looks make everybody want that kit. This quick and easy nail styling kit gives you professional salon results by yourself.

So, hurry up as it’s not too late to try our amazing self care products right now!



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