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Best grinder chopper and cutter in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Are you a working woman? Do you spend most of the time cooking while chopping and cutting vegetables because did not use a chopper before? No worries! We at Laptab have all the Read More

Are you a working woman? Do you spend most of the time cooking while chopping and cutting vegetables because did not use a chopper before? No worries! We at Laptab have all the kitchen tools that are designed to save you time.

In this modern era of hustle and bustle, most of the people have no time even for themselves. We all want some quick solutions to our daily cooking problems. We have these solutions at Laptab:


Give your hand a little bit of rest and let the hard work be done by our nicer dicer fusion. Chopping, slices, dice, shreds, and cubes within minutes can be done using this dicer.

In addition to this dicer, you can also try our versatile vegetable cutter equipped with six interchangeable blades to give you 6 differently shaped vegetables. The design is manually push able. You can change and store the shred board for your convenience.

Many people think that chopping meat cannot be done at home properly because they don’t know about our amazing best meat chopper. Our meat chopper is multifunctional. It comes with 2 options for blade usage. You can not only chop meat but also chop vegetables with it. Its parts can be disassembled for convenient storage.

You can also try our Moulinex vegetable cutter if you are interested in a chopper that will let you work with great ease. Moreover, it is a manual chopper so you can adjust the size according to your taste. As it is lightweight and portable, the bowl is designed with a silicon anti-slip base so it has all the features that a good chopper should have! Also, it will make a little bit of noise but it will not cause a disturbance.

Different shaped vegetable cutting tools:

Cutting vegetables in different shapes will make their taste different. Yes, it happens. For increasing demands of cutting vegetables in different styles, we have brought for you a nicer dicer quick 5 in 1. Due to its little size, it can be operated with great easiness using one just hand. The five pieces shredder will let you make five different recipes with just one product. Is not it amazing? Surely, it is.

Are you looking for a more versatile chopper? Then you may like our speedy chopper that can cut vegetables in 11 different styles. This product alone will do the work of different kitchen tools that are space occupying. Then why not get this one product and save your space and time as well?


Best Food processor:

Some people do not prefer electric food choppers because of their noisy functions. This problem is also solved by Laptab. You can try our manual food processor that has a large handle for easy function. You can make salads; chop veggies, fruits, or anything you want with this sample processor.

Reserve your time and money with our fruit & vegetable cutter that is cost effective for home use. Despite of its small size, it can give you professional results.

Here is another fantastic device that can whisk, knead, shred, and slice. Yes, our compact food processor has different speed settings for making puree, mincing, slicing, chopping, and many more to go.

If you like to eat watermelons, but cutting them considers a hassle then try our windmill watermelon cutter. With this, you can cut perfectly shaped sliced cubes of watermelon, which is impossible while cutting with your hands.


Sometimes ready-made spices are tasty but you keep worrying about hygienic conditions. Why not try electric grinders for grinding spices at home? It has a grinding capacity of 50-100g. The lid is transparent so you can keep in check the thickness during grinding.

Are you a coffee lover? If yes then this product is just for you coffee lovers. Try our coffee grinder hand held. This coffee hand mill is small in size and can be carried around with you on your tours, and business trips.

Garlic and ginger are two things without them any recipe is not complete. But mincing them is a hassle. For easily grinding them we have brought to you a mini garlic grinder. This tiny little chopper will help you cut the garlic, ginger, and carrots and as well as act as a mincer for boneless meat.

Do you want to grind spices at home? Try our best pepper mill which is a 2 in 1 salt and pepper grinder. It requires no batteries and has two speed settings for grinding.


Are you looking for a grater that will be good in quality as well storage is easy? No matter, if you want to shred cheese, slice vegetables, and many more, this grater will do the job efficiently. For easy storage, it can be folded flat.

In addition to this, we have a 4 piece kitchen tools set which includes a beater, a grater, a peeling knife, and a digging knife. This kitchen tools set is an ideal choice for every kitchen.

Many people are sick of hand cuts while cutting vegetables but now say goodbye to those cuts! Try our salad maker bowl cutter which is easy to use. Just place the vegetables in it, cut them without the fear of hand cutting, wash and drain.

By the same token, in addition to the aforementioned products we have countless kitchen tools at our online store that you will surely like.


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