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Cleanliness is beneficial for maintaining a good healthy life style. It’s not only beneficial but also it’s mandatory to human life. But nowadays people are busy in their working life to such an extent that they have little time for cleaning. Laptab has many accessories for cleaning; let’s Read More

Cleanliness is beneficial for maintaining a good healthy life style. It’s not only beneficial but also it’s mandatory to human life. But nowadays people are busy in their working life to such an extent that they have little time for cleaning. Laptab has many accessories for cleaning; let’s have a brief overview of them some.

Vacuum cleaners:

Are you tired of manual cleaner brushes, which not only fail to wipe floor properly but also fail to wipe away the dust? Then it’s the time to get rid of them! Yes, in this busy lifestyle have such cleaner brushes is a waste of time. With the era getting more and more modernized, get some cleaners that go with this busy life. Such as our Philips vacuum cleaner that has advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying.

Are you in search of little hand held cleaner then you may prefer some vacuum cleaner of little size? We at Laptab has a handy vacuum cleaner that is hand held design makes it easy to use. You can keep it in your car as well as it will work for your furniture, offices etc. The complete set of accessories small square brush, round brush, plastic floor brush, and handle makes it of multipurpose use.

For good measure, we have a cleaner that will serve for wet and dry cleaning purposes. It sounds strange? But it’s actually true. Our wet dry vacuum cleaner will do this task. You can use it to clean up spills of liquid as well as to pick up the dirt. So buying one product will give you multiple benefits.

Often keep floors dirty due to being tired? Or don’t have to clean due to busy schedule? Then let the robots do it. Yes, just switch on the best robot vacuum and keep your house clean with no efforts. It can only be used for dry cleaning. The random cleaning style keeps clean every corner of your house.

Cleaning mops:

The usage of old manual mops is tiring, right? Try something that will provide easy and less tiring cleaning results! The best steam mop is one of them. It will be your hand held steamer, a floor mop, rug cleaner, glass cleaner etc. You can use it to disinfect the surfaces without the usage of any annoying chemical solutions.

The old generation sweeping products are time consuming. Now it’s time to replace those old one with the new generation products; for instance:  roto clean floor sweeper. For hard floors like tiles, marbles, wooden floors etc it is one of the best cleaner. Over and above, no electricity or battery required for usage. Just push forward and its rotating brushes will be ready to sweep dirt into the collecting dustpan.

Get one product and enjoy multiple benefits! Our cleaning products gift set has many accessories such as mini dustpan and brush, soap dispensing dish brush, dish brush, bath brush, toilet brush and caddy and household gloves. Is not it a lot of beneficial to buy this? Surely it is!

Ear cleaners:

Heavy waxy ears are a hassle! Got almost sick due to waxy ears? Then why not get rid of it? Try waxvac ear cleaner for effective cleaning of ears. The usage of this cleaner is very easy. Simply attach the WaxVac silicone tip and insert it in ear. There is no more need of receiving expensive ear treatments anymore.

Some people clean ears with regular pins or ear sticks, but these practices can cause ear damage as well. Try using devices that are designed for safe ear cleaning. Here is another ear cleaner with replaceable three tips. Our ear wax cleaner  has Blue safety tips suitable for ages 0 to 6 month, green safety tips for ages 6 month to 6 years and orange safety tips for ages 6 years and up.

Screen cleaning kits:

The laptop screens often get dirty but one may be confused about its cleaning. In order to clean the display, extra care is required. Simple cleaning solutions may damage your LCD. Try using laptop cleaning kit and get effective results without being worried about your laptops screen.

Over and above, if you are in search of solutions for LCD/LEDs cleaning, then you may try our LCD screen cleaning kit. Also there is microfiber cloth in this kit for effectively removing dirt and debris.

Cleaning steel areas in your home or restaurants with ordinary cloths cannot give efficient results. But microfiber cloth has the ability to clean such surfaces and make them shine like a new one.

Cleaning tools:

Are you a cleaning maniac? Do you want to clean every corner with great effort? Then get rid of your worries and boost up your cleaning level. Try using dust brush that can clean hard to reach corners of your belongings.  You can clean dust without removing them. It is best for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars, etc.

In this age where infections are spreading rapidly, bring yourself touchless soap dispenser and put a stop to germ transfer. By using this touchless dispenser, you will never have to contaminate the dispenser with dirty hands.

Are you busy in your work life to such an extent that you often suffer from foot pain and messiness? Then it’s time to bring something for quick cleaning and massaging your feet! Our pedicure kit  can act as a callus remover that uses the built-in vacuum cleaner to absorb dead skin and can repair your feet in no time. Over and above, the battery mode helps you to take it with you anywhere.

If you have weak eyesight then you must use eyeglass. If you use ordinary cloth piece for its glass cleaning then your eye glasses must not be as cleaned as they should. So it’s time to try something new and wear clear eye glasses than ever. Try eyeglass cleaner brush for removing debris from it. The little size makes it portable to carry with you.

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