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Best kitchen and gas appliances in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Gone were the days when people use old appliances for kitchen problems! Nowadays there are many modern appliances for handling kitchen time consuming processes for busy people. Once you buy such appliances they will work lifelong for you but on one condition; t Read More

Gone were the days when people use old appliances for kitchen problems! Nowadays there are many modern appliances for handling kitchen time consuming processes for busy people. Once you buy such appliances they will work lifelong for you but on one condition; they should be of high quality. Now we will discuss step by step the appliances available at Laptab.

Air fryers:

If you are a diet conscious person, or you are on diet for weight controlling purposes, then you must be ordered to control your oil consuming issues. For this purpose, we have brought for you a Diobacco air fryer that uses air crisp technology thus reducing lipids content by 80 percent. It cooks by using circulating hot air around the meal which can be placed in 2 L capacity basket.

Over and above, if you are a new cook and tend to burn your hands while frying anything in regular frying pans then all you need to do to prevent this thing from happening is the use of air fryers such as decakila air fryer. The digital display for easy managing the time you need to fry and temperature. It gives you delicious taste with low-fat cooking results.

Get rid of the overly fried food! Do you always use frying pan and end up cooking burnt food? If yes, then why not get rid of it and replace it with the high quality Philips air fryer. You can cook delicious food with the help of the free recipe book provided with this fryer. It has more than 30 delicious food recipes in it.

Deep fryers:

Now here are the amazing deep fryers for your delicious meals. The main difference between deep fryers and air fryers is that the deep fryers use heated oil to cook meals but the air fryers use hot air circulation for cooking with little to no oil using. For instance our electric deep fryer is available with highly delicious cooking results. This is available with LED power and heat indicators. Also, there is a handy label for suggesting temperature range for specific ingredients.

In accordance with the aforementioned deep fryer, here is another amazing Moulinex super UNO deep fryer that has the unique ability. You can take out the removable bowl with non-stick coating for easy pouring the food. It can fry food for a big family with the capacity of 1.5 Kg. The walls are thermally insulated thus fear of getting burned is excluded.

Rice cookers:

Some people are busy in their lives to such an extent that they even don’t have time for rice cooking. So people can use device such as Moulinex rice cooker and save their precious time. Our rice cooking is a care and attention seeking task. So to perform this concerned task it is essential to use a cooker that is auto smart.

On the top of that, you may try our unique way of cooking rice! Try using our electric lunch box rice cooker  that can keep our lunch warm and cook rice as well. The material from which it is made is ideal heat resistant material. The novel design of this lunch box is lightweight and makes it easy to carry around with you.

If you have a big family, then you may need a cooker with large cooking capacity then ideal one for you is the decakila rice cooker in which you can cook for a group of family members. Likewise, you can cook rice, meat and vegetable in this.

Water heaters:

Are you in search of water heaters for your home? There are lots of heaters in the market nowadays that people get confused about them!  We at Laptab have only those with great quality. Such as our Ariston water heater; it is electric powered semi immediately water heater that provide warm water straight to tap.

To boot, you may also try using our electric geyser from canon; that is a fast water heater with 10 liters of capacity. It is equipped with double safety protection that can be installed in the residential areas as well.

If you want o save electricity then you may like to have a gas geyser. Gas geysers are way too good. Here is an instant gas geyser with 12 liters capacity for whole family use. The main unique feature of this geyser is that it is equipped with battery auto ignition, two ignition pin and ignition failure protection system.

Electric kettles:

As the era is getting more and more modernized, people are also using products to make their lifestyles more easy and modernized. Such as for making tea you can use a quick method. Use our electric tea kettle with wide mouth for easy cleaning. One of the main features is that it will be automatically turned off when the water has boiled.

Sometimes when we are working in our offices we may crave for tea for brain refreshment! For this purpose you may use our portable Decakila stainless steel kettle. It has anti slip feet for stability. As soon as water is heated the power will automatically cut off.

You may don’t like to use steel kettles then you may try plastic kettle for tea preparation. It is also great for home use, office use, and dormitory use. Also, it is easy to clean due to wide mouth opening that make it easy to fill as well.

Coffee makers:

When you want to work overnight on some projects of yours or you need to awake your lazy mind the first thing that comes to any mind is the coffee. Try Decakila drip coffee maker for making you a fresh coffee.  There is a built-in display and coffee filter for giving smooth coffee brew experience. It has capacity for making 10 cups of coffee.

Correspondingly, for coffee lovers here is an ideal and perfect pump espresso coffee machine. The water tank has the capacity of 1.5 L that can be used to brew 10 cups of coffee. It is the quicker way of brewing coffee for a number of people with one minute.

Do you prefer a highly pure cup of coffee? Do you want to try grinding coffee with your own hands then you may like our coffee grinder that has capacity of 60 grams crushing handsomely. The grinding chamber can be detached for safely washing.

Stand blenders:

In addition to aforementioned appliances, we have a range of high quality blenders as well. For instance: our stand blender. It has a design that will make your kitchen look elegant. You can make smoothies, fruits juices as well. For different tasks, try using its two modes of function.

Get yourself a glass jar for making milkshakes, delicious fruits juices, and many more in the parties or family gatherings. Our decakila stand mixer will ensure you’re a safe experience as compared to ordinary blenders that will cause liquid to spill around the table top.

For good measure, buy for yourself a mixing partner of high quality. You can keep this partner wherever you go as it is small and portable. The table blender is available with two modes of setting for adjusting its speed.

Food processors:

Grab one product and get two benefits. Get yourself a food chopper that can chop meat, vegetable, fruits, peanut, dried chili, garlic, onion etc. It has manual pulling design for extra convenience. The 24 knife cut design will complete the work within minutes. Also you can use its jug part for blending.

Drinking juices are very healthy for a proper growth. But it must be assured that the juice is of high quality. As compared to the canned juices, fresh juices are better. Try best centrifugal juicer to enjoy real nutritious juices.

Now you can avail three functions of grinding, chopping, and blending by using one product! Decakila Food processor has the ability to do all that hard work. You can use its grinder for mincing, chopper for chopping meat, vegetables and blender for making fresh smoothies anytime.

Are you a diet conscious person? Do you like to cook everything by your hands? So here is a perfect product for you. Now you can make yogurt at home! Try our yogurt maker and enjoy nutritious yogurt in just few hours. It has stainless steel body for transforming milk to curd.

Microwave ovens:

Microwave oven is one of the must have accessory for kitchen. There are many ovens available at Laptab. For instance: our Decakila Microwave oven is spacious yet stylish; giving an elegant look to your kitchen countertop. It can perform the defrosting function as well.

Are you in search of a microwave that not only works effectively but also look elegant on your table top! Then try our amazing Dawlance microwave oven! You can cook delicious recipes in it. Also you can defrost your frozen foods to enjoy more flavorful meals.

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