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Best projector light and ight light in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Some people can’t sleep when there is complete darkness in their rooms! Some people prefer to keep some soothing lights on at night time for a better sleep! Nowadays there are many night lights of different styles available. At Laptab you can find amazing lig Read More

Some people can’t sleep when there is complete darkness in their rooms! Some people prefer to keep some soothing lights on at night time for a better sleep! Nowadays there are many night lights of different styles available. At Laptab you can find amazing lights for different occasions. Let’s have a quick review of their main feature.

Night lights:

If you are in search of some elegant and fancy night lights for your kids which loves to study then you may like our book shaped night light book. When it is closed it will look like a book, as soon as you open, it will give a magical book light view.

There are many lights that can serve as the purpose of décor lights as well as serve full tasks for instance: our 3d moon night light. These 3d shaped Moon light can be used in the parties, hotels, living rooms as well as look good in the offices.

Buying one product gives multiple benefits! This line may be sound weird but this actually happens! Our hourglass lamp can be used as a keeping track of activities as well as a night lamp. As the sand slips along with time, you may assign yourself a task and then keep track of it.

Are you looking for some sort of smart light that can be able to work automatically? Yes, we have that light. Our novelty night light can be turned on when there is dusk and can turn off at dawn time. Is not it amazingly smart light?

Are you preparing a surprise for your loved ones? Have no idea about decoration? Then why not try something that is simple as well as attractive? Yes our rose string light will serve the purpose for you.

Safety night lights:

Some people are afraid of darkness! So at night time even they fear of their own home hallway. To solve this issue, they can try using a motion sensor night light. This light can detect even animal so it will alert you for your safety.

If you are looking for a light which is handheld and easy for you to carry around the house then try retro night light which is perfect for this purpose.

Do you want to decorate your garden with simple yet elegant lamps? Then you may like to buy our lawn lamps. These simple multi color lamps will transform your garden into a beautiful area.

Party decoration lights:

If you want lights that go well with the parties then we have many at Laptab. Such as our dancing bulb of a high quality, you can put it in standard light socket and enjoy the fun with its spreading lights.

To boot, you can make your party more delightful with our ocean wave projector light. This is great for indoor events. The rotating nature with 10 colors adjustment and stars view in between will create great indoor atmosphere.

Are you preparing a surprise for your partner? Looking for some side table décor lights? Then use our tree night light. It will light up your lovely atmosphere with its soothing yet bright light.

Let’s amaze your guests with the magic glowing glass. Yes, our LED glass will show you the magic. Just pour water in the glass and it will start to glow. Bring happiness and fun to your guest’s drinking water in it.

 Kid’s room night lights:

When you want sleeping lamps for your children’s room you may prefer animal shape lamps such as our deer night light is ideal for kid’s bedside. Kids can sleep while looking at these cute deer shapes lamps and get a good night sleep. Over and above, the three modes of lights can be adjusted to ones preference.

Here is another amazing night light that will amaze your little ones when u wants to give them a surprise gift! Our egg lamp is especially designed for the purpose of using it in the kid’s room. The main and unique feature of this night light is that it will automatically turn on when the room lights become dim.

Are you looking for a kids study lamp that will keep their eyes safe? Use our desk lamp for kids study table; it has a holder for pencils, powered by USB charging port and cable. You can fold it for carrying around with you.

If your kids loves to explore science then they must be given a present that will suit their little curious minds! As for this purpose, you may choose a star master night lamp for their good night sleep. This light will make them feel the whole sky came to them.

Many kids like rabbit’s as a pet animal. If you have a kid who is fond of rabbits then silicone rabbit night light is an ideal gift for them. This cute piece will look attractive even when it is off and not in use. Over and above, the light can be changed to different colors as well.

One of the amazing lights is the bear night light. For kids study room it is ideal night light as well as playing companion for them. Also, keeping a night light will make them feel comfortable as well as safe at night time. The modes are available for adjusting the brightness of the light.

Glowing stickers:

Do you want to decorate your loved ones room? Get your hands on our amazing and cute glow in the dark star stickers! You can use these stars to make different shapes on the house wall. These will glow in the dark and absorb energy in day time.

If you want to make your kids bedroom a fun place for them then try using our magic stars for their room’s wall. Installing them is quite easy. Just peel off the paper on the back side of the stars and then stick it against the wall.

Over and above, if you are in search of a surprise gift for your baby girl then there is nothing more appeasing than this! Give her glow in the dark butterflies. Whenever she goes to sleep while looking at these glowing butterflies, she will feel herself in a fairy tale world.

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