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Gone were the days when people use ancient kitchen tools. Nowadays when people design their houses, they also design their kitchens with the same attention. Designing one's kitchen is easy but as well as an important task. Designing the kitchen not only includes furnishing the inside of the k Read More

Gone were the days when people use ancient kitchen tools. Nowadays when people design their houses, they also design their kitchens with the same attention. Designing one's kitchen is easy but as well as an important task. Designing the kitchen not only includes furnishing the inside of the kitchen but also includes adding some new kitchen tools that will help you cook faster as well as will look beautiful when placed in the kitchen.

Heat proof table mats:

Do you always worried about your countertops being damaged from placing hot kettles or pots on it? Now there is no need to be worried for this anymore! Laptab has brought to you a solution for saving your countertops from excessive heat. Try our kettle stand which will be helpful against heat damage. It can be extended according to your desire to place multiple pots.

There is another uniquely shaped heat resistant dining table mat to protect the table surface from heat damage. You can place any hot pot, pans on it without being worried about table texture. This unique heat resistant mat can hold up to 230 degree temperature. Also, there is a unique hole in the center for hanging conveniently when not in use.

Are you a tea lover? Many people are! Tea can refresh one's mind within minutes. But there is also a disadvantage that placing a hot cup of tea can ruin the table surface, as well as spillage of tea drops, and are cleaned with difficulty. So many people prefer to use tea cup table mats for enjoying their favorite tea without hindrance. These mats also keep your tea cup in place without slipping.

If you are the kind of person who prefer cute looking tools for their kitchen then you may like our cute fruits shaped look silicone mats. The silicone mat will keep your table out of the mess. Moreover, the pretty looking silicon mats can bear hot liquid cups. You can place them in your living rooms, dining tables, kitchens, etc.

Heat resistant gloves:

Do you tend to use normal clothes for holding hot utensils? Normal clothes pieces are not heat proof and tend to burn your hands more often. Here is an ideal product for you. You can try our heat proof gloves for holding hot pans. Get over the fear of burning your hands. Our heat resistant gloves are cutely shaped and fit any hand. Not only it will help while holding hot pans, but also you can use it to hold extremely cold utensils.

Over and above, you can also try using our oven mitts for holding hot utensils out from the microwave ovens. As they are made from silicone material of quality so can be used again and again without being deformed. Our oven mitts will ensure you a strong grip so you can hold the pots without being afraid of burns. They are ideal for holding baked dish pots.

Are you fond of baking and cooking delicious recipes? Then along with the other ingredients and utensils, one of the must have products is the pair of heat resistant gloves. For this purpose, you will definitely like our denim oven mitt. The thicker fabric outer and inside will be ideal for BBQ, baking, and frying, and also for holding hot tins, pots, pans, and many more.

Many people who are beginners in cooking and baking are more likely to burn their hands while cooking. To prevent possible accidents you are advised to use kitchen protective gloves. So you can cook efficiently without worries. They are available in large standard size so can fit many people up to the wrists so preventing your delicate hands. Not only are they good for household use but also better for commercial use.

Snack holder:

Do you love to serve snacks in multiple attractive patterns? Do you want to please the guests with your excellent presentations? Yes, we will help you. Try serving snacks with our unique snack holder with attached phone holder. Is not it amazing? Our cute candy box has two layers that have 10 compartments so you can place in it ten different types of candies or other snacks. Moreover, there is a slot for a mobile holder which is a unique feature. The petal shaped compartments will give an amazing look when they are open.

Furnish your kitchen with tools that are handy but beautiful to give your home an elegant look. Place your favorite snacks and dry fruits in our dry fruits baskets. You can keep this basket in your living room, or dining table so can take in all your family’s favorite snacks.

Apart from using oven mitts, you can also try holding hot utensils with hot plate lifter. It is an ideal kitchen tool when you want to take out hot plates. Our hot plate lifter can be used to take out any sized plate because it can fit most.

Shelf storage:

Do you have little space in your kitchen? Do you have many items to store but can't due to the small storage space? Then you may like our 5 in 1 Magnetic Shelf Storage Set. As this is a magnetic storage set so there will be no need to use screws to install them. You can install it within minutes. You can store towels, tissue paper, gloves, utensils, and many others in it. This magnet shelf storage set is also ideal for dorms, offices, hostels, etc.

Stove shields:

Home appliances are bought once after a long time of usage. So they need your special attention like other things in the house. Such stoves also require the same level of care and attention in order to serve you for longer periods of time. So try covering your stoves with the stove covers for their long lasting use.

Over and above, if you are the kind of person who hates cleaning messy stove tops then you can try our stove top liners that are excellent in the way that you don’t have to clean stubborn oil drops anymore. You can change it when it becomes too dirty due to the dripping. It is durable to withstand high temperatures.

Food cover:

Does your loved one often have to eat food when you are out at work? Then bring them our umbrella food cover so that the food you cooked for them remains warm even when you are not around. It has aluminium foil inside that will keep the food warm. Moreover, covering the food will keep it away from the reach of flies or mosquitoes. It can be folded for easy storage.


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