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Are you a simple cook? Are you the kind of the cook who uses the same spoon for handling many dishes? Do your dishes lack specialty? The reason is very simple. Using the same types of spoons for handling many dishes withdraws their special taste. In order to cook different delicious recipes try t Read More

Are you a simple cook? Are you the kind of the cook who uses the same spoon for handling many dishes? Do your dishes lack specialty? The reason is very simple. Using the same types of spoons for handling many dishes withdraws their special taste. In order to cook different delicious recipes try to use different kitchen tools to apply different methods of cooking.

Different kinds of spoons:

We at Laptab have all the different kinds of spoons, knives, tongs, and spatulas. One of them is a spatula. You can use it for flipping, griping, scooping, or serving the food as well. The non slip surface and wave design can help you keep in grip your food. It is a multifunctional 2 in 1 spatula that flips like a spatula and grips like a tong.

Are you an herb lover? Do you want to add the taste of various spices without directly adding them? There here is a very unique tool for you that will serve your purpose. Yes, we have an infusion spoon that has tiny holes in its surface. You can add the spices or herbs you want close the lid and stir as much as you want to add the taste of those herbs to your delicious recipes. While stirring the flavor of that particular spice will be added and absorbed in the food.

Do you often try baking at home? Some people rather than eating bakery items often prefer home baked cakes! For this, you should use the basic tools that are necessary for baking. One of them is our spatula and brush. This spatula is specially designed for picking up the cream used and made while baking. If you use a regular spoon to grease the baking pan or simply use your fingers for greasing then the desired bakery like results will not be produced. So our attached oiling brush will do this task for you efficiently.

To serve different purposes we have a high quality cooking spoons available. It consists of 4 pieces. They are available with long handles for easy gripping. With one cooking spoon set, you can perform four tasks.

Food serving tongs:

Are you a fried food lover? But you cannot eat many oily dishes due to health conditions? If you are a health conscious person then you can try your favorite oily dishes without consuming oil. Does it seem ridiculous? Yes, but it’s possible with our oil draining tongs. It has a perforated layer for holding and draining excess oil from anything you fry. And the frying tong has a second layer to keep the food in grip. No matter you are frying samosa, fries, and cutlets or using it to hold BBQ this is ideal for anything. It is also 80 degree heat resistant.

No matter whether you want to pick up a salad, food in the buffet, BBQ, grilled food, bread many more, our serving tong is an ideal option for you. It can be used for house parties as well as for commercial purposes. You can prevent your hands from getting burned, or dirty as it has long handles for an ideal grip.

Over and above, if you are in search of tongs that are good for picking the food as well as can be used to drain the oil while frying anything then you may like our fork shaped spaghetti tongs. The mouth of the tongs is slightly round shaped for easy handling of the food it is holding.

If you are in search of a more diverse variety of tongs then we have a set of tongs that can be used for 6 different purposes. Yes, we are right! Buy our food serving pack of six tongs and ease you’re cooking and serving tasks. They have long handles, material from which they are made are food grade plastic so they would not scratch your costly utensils.

Cutlery sets:

Are you looking for some nice and elegant spoons or spatulas? Then try something that will look beautiful even when not in use. Our gold plated cutlery set is one of the best choices you will ever try. It has 24 pieces even when they are placed on the dinner table they will look attractive.

To boot here is another amazing artistically crafted swan cutlery set for you. The 6 table spoons are placed in this swan shaped set. The main appealing feature of this set is its swan shape of it which will make it look appealing to the eyes even when not in use.

Some prefer quality over cost if that’s the case for you as well then you may like our wooden spatula set that is made from wooden material. This set has a spatula, ball brush, pointed spatula, round edge tumbler, ladle, spoons, tongs, pasta fork, etc.

While cooking, the mistake of a little bit over or under measurement can ruin your many hour's effort. So in order to avoid this mistake you can buy our measuring cups and spoons set made from food grade plastic material. Even if you are a beginner in cooking, exact measurements are the only key to making perfect recipes.

If your children are not fond of eating then you must think of ways for them to eat. Here is a way that we suggest you to use on them and it will surely work. Try buying cutlery sets for them with photos or shapes of their favorite cartoon. Just like our cartoon shaped forks set that we especially design for kids who refuse to eat fruits. The cute shaped forks wills surely bait your kids to eat.

Versatile knives:

When you are looking for knives then you may need to buy different styles for different purposes. For instance, for pizza cutting, we have a unique pizza slicer that can act as a decoration piece for your kitchen or on your table when not in use because of its bicycle shape.

For good measure, you can also try our rotating knife set that has 8 pieces in it. Along with different sizes of knives, it has 1 sharpener, 1 scissors and one acrylic stand. This high quality product will be a good hygienic platform for your knives.

Here is another amazing set of different size knives for your kitchen. Buy our stainless steel knife set and holder and keep your tools in one place. These are real purpose knives suitable for peeling and cutting anything.

Many people want to cut potatoes in different shapes. Also, children love to eat fries cut in different patterns so for this purpose you can try our wavy potato cutter. This crinkle slicer is ideal for food and salad presentations in front of guests.

Sometimes, people need knives for outdoor picnics, and birthday parties then your mini pocket folding knife can surprise everyone. The main benefit is that it is small in size and foldable and that makes it portable.

Knife sharpeners:

Excessive usage of knives can render them useless if they lost sharpness. Now no need to go to markets for knife sharpening as you can buy them here from Laptab. We have many different kinds of knife sharpeners like our dual slot knife sharpener. It has hand held design for easy handling of the knives.

With the help of knife sharpening practices, you can extend the life of your kitchen knives. Our motorized knife sharpener is an excellent for this purpose. It can restore your knifes edges in a few minutes. It is equipped with a tray for collecting knife leftover scrapings. It has attachments for sharpening all size knives.

Over and above, you can also try the world’s best knife sharpener. No matter whether you want to slice vegetables, mince meat, cutting meats the sharp knives will help you do all you want within minutes.

Cutting boards:

Do you often create a mess while slicing vegetables on your countertops? If yes, then use cutting boards for this purpose. The chopping board will help you cut veggies with great ease as well as keep your shelves free of mess. It is basically a 5 piece set with 3 knives, 1 scissor, and 1 cutting board. You can use it for your home as well as a restaurant, café, etc.

You may get one product with multiple benefits for your kitchen. Our portable cutting board is ideal no matter when you want to go for outings, picnics, camping hiking, or outdoor BBQ parties. You may take your cutting board because it also have other cutters with it like a garlic grinder, slicer, wavy cutter, and two different knives as well. Moreover, it is foldable for storing easily.

Are you the kind of person who often gets cuts while cutting vegetables? Then you must try our cut resistant gloves while cooking or cutting. These gloves are for multipurpose use. You can wear these breathable gloves while cooking, cutting, peeling, crafting wood, fish cutting, etc.


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