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When you think about house renovation, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Yes apart from changing house wall paint, replacing the old one with the new furniture, the other thing to do is to use modern décor pieces. But selection of house décor Read More

When you think about house renovation, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Yes apart from changing house wall paint, replacing the old one with the new furniture, the other thing to do is to use modern décor pieces. But selection of house décor products is a careful task. Many people nowadays choose those products that are useful as well as handy.

We at Laptab have many such useful yet beautiful décor pieces for you.

LED night lights:

Are you looking for a night light for your room or your kid’s room? Then why not choose something that can act as a décor piece as well as light. Just like our globe lamp that can act as a beautiful décor piece for your office as well as study room.

Here is another amazing mesmerizing glob for your office as well as your house. It can float in the air! Yes, its sounds unrealistic but that’s possible with our levitating earth lamp. It can rotate freely via a magnetic field as long as current is being supplied to it.

Are you in search of something that can act as a cool light as well as add cool ecstatic atmosphere in your sitting aura. Then our floating globe lamp is ideal for you. It can be charge and wireless function allows you to charge it. Moreover, the LEDs inside the globe can be turned off by a single touch on the base.

Wall mirrors:

Wall mirrors are available in a variety of different shapes. Some people still use same ordinary simple wall mirrors. But nowadays elegant beautiful mirrors are in trend. Such as our fireplace mirror which gives a special aura anywhere it is placed. The resin frame with embedded glass in it looks too much fantastic.

Over and above, we have a beautiful simple vanity art Venice mirror which has a silver glass embed the glass mirror. Such elegant round shape mirrors are in demand and trendy nowadays.

If you are fond of keeping roses then get rid of the old rose vases and try our newly designed wall mounted glass vase. It will be good indoor décor piece. The stones inside will give it a more sophisticated look.

Acrylic frames:

In terms of house decoration, one of essential part is the use of decoration frames. Just like our one of the master piece of decoration is the acrylic glass frame. You can use it as a decor piece when it is off and it can act as a lamp when illuminated. The integrated LEDs will illuminate it.

If you are in search of children room frames then one of the ideal choices will be our Doraemon frame. You can use it as a low energy consuming lamp as well as frame. This cost effective décor piece will increase the beauty of your home. It will make you look like the one which goes with the trends.

Here is another amazing stylish photo frame with lights. Try our acrylic photo frame with the double embellishment of two diamond ring style. It will be amazing gift for your loved one. The front glass covering will keep your precious photos safe. The LED light will keep your photos illuminated.

Photo frames:

Are you in search of photo frames that will keep your family memories in front of you? Then try our 6-Piece Creative Photo Frame which is available in a heart shape.  It will keep your sweet photos in front of you. This piece of art will show make you look unique to the guests.

Over and above, if you are in search of a gift such as a marriage gift for your friends then you may surprise them with our led photo frame. This display stand for your photos will be a precious gift as it displays your affection in a unique way.

If you are in search of a gift that will be beautiful as well as useful for your loved one then use our picture frame music box as a gift. It can be used as a photo frame as well as a Jewellery box or your make up organizer. Also, it will rotate and gives the musical sounds. Is not it fabulous? It can be placed on your dressing table, bed side table etc.

Want a different kind of frame? Try using our Ferris wheel photo frame as a family photo frame. This frame has the shape of a Ferris wheel. It is very creative and can be rotated to see any picture you want.

Musical boxes:

Are you looking for a gift to present your loved ones? Try our snow ball music box that will play soothing music for relaxation and will give an elegant look to its surrounding.

Your friend’s wedding is around the corner. Still not sure what gift to buy for her/his wedding? Then we have a perfect present for you. You can give her/his a couple music boxes that can be places on their bedside table as well as on the dressing table. This music box will play a soothing music for enjoyment and the puppet couple sitting on the bench will give a cool vibe.

Many people don’t like the typical round shape of the music boxes so they can choose our unique musical décor piece! Yes you can try our lantern music box with the view of a couple standing in the snow. It looks amazing when the music plays alongside.

When you want to give presents to your loved one, there are many options from which you can decide what to present. For instance: our ring music box has the artificial diamond shaped ring inside the crystal ball that can be placed in your living room, book-shelf, wall, bathroom, bedroom, Office etc.

LED décor pieces:

Are you in puzzle about how to send your affectionate feelings to your loved ones? Then we will do the job for you. Yes! You can give our heart led light to your partner, mom, father or your lovely kids. This LED heart shape with your confession is ideal for lovely occasions. It will be a great proposal gift as well.

Here is another amazing gift that you can gift your loved ones i.e. a LED flower. Give your partner the feeling that will never fade, wither or die in the form this LED Rose. You can create a special fantastic atmosphere with this glittering rose on special occasions.

If you are in search of a gift for your parents or grandparents then you can give them a calligraphy Islamic table lamp. This Islamic table lamp is an ideal gift for calligraphy lovers.

Unique clocks:

Attention for violin lovers! We at Laptab brought for you a table clock violin. It can be used for kid’s room, study table clock. You can use it for living room or your office as well.

Are you looking for unique clocks and want to test time with it then there is no better way than using a sand clock. The frame is wooden made. If you want your kids to be disciplined in a fun way then try teaching them time awareness using this sand clock.

If you want a table watch that will be elegant yet useful then try using a ship watch. This décor piece watch can be gifted to those who love a collection of antiques.

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