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Return Policy
  • List all conditions and be up front about them.

  • Offer store credit instead of a cash refund.

  • Include testimonials from refunded (happy) customers.

Most of your competitors won't even publish a return policy, but if you've listened to the tips above and sell good quality products then you should promote your return policy everywhere you can: on your home page, on your shopping cart and checkout pages ,thank you page,and even in your newsletters and promotions. Remember, winning your shopper's trust can send your conversion rate through the roof.

  • Please ensure the product you want returned or exchanged is in unused condition, with tags intact and original packaging.

  • Our QC team will validated or invalidate your refund or exchange claim within 3-5 working days.

  • If your claim is validated, the product will be exchanged and shipped back to you, free or cost.

  • Alternatively, if you wish, we can also refunded the original amount via cheque or online transfer.

  • Call our customer service at:

  • You can also email us at: with the relevant details.

  • Our customer support executives will guide you through the Refund & Exchange Proces.